RJ Bayley Reviews: My Name is Bruce


Anticipation was enormous for Bruce Campbell’s second feature fiction film My Name is Bruce. The premise is a very promising one; Bruce Campbell (playing himself) obsessed fan Jeff (Taylor Sharp) kidnaps The Chin Himself in order the battle Guan-Di (James Peck) the vengeful Chinese god of bean curd. Unfortunately Bruce is the opposite of the capable and courageous monster killer that Jeff believes him to be.

As expected Campbell continues to prove he’s the most underused and underappreciated actor in Hollywood. He handles the comedy with his customary exaggerated and entertaining slapstick, especially during his power-drinking scene, which brings to mind his best moments of delirium in Evil Dead II.

The film around Campbell however is a dull misfire. My Name is Bruce is a film is squarely and unapologetically aimed at the army of Campbell across the world. Fans who nearly always make their first acquaintance with Campbell through the definitely 18 rated The Evil Dead & its slightly less gory sequel. Fans who have probably also followed him through the equally 18 rated Maniac Cop and Assault on Dome 4. So why on earth does My Name is Bruce pull its punches so?

My Name is Bruce needed to deliver on the violence to be what it so desperately wants to. Excessive, over the top splattery, gory, violence to be precise. In My Name is Bruce the violence is very neutered, with the most mutilation simply being ineffective beheadings. The repetition of these cheap looking beheadings wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t all shot in incredibly similar ways, and relatively bloodless. At the very least some other forms of bodily destruction could’ve been thrown in to spice things up in between.

Give this a miss, the version in your head is better.


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