RJ Bayley Reviews: A Little Christmas Miracle


Absolutely mental. I struggle to think what was passing through the minds of the LLAMALLAMA collective when they created this bizarre ode to love despite adversity at Christmas. Whatever it was though, I’m glad it did. At once legitimately sweet and genuinely creepy, A Little Christmas Miracle is the animated story of two elves Robert and Tray, visually drawn to resemble garden gnomes, who are somehow, through their swearing and faults, strangely relatable.

The art style of the characters is just the right side of twee enough to be sinister, but with their strange high voices and two opposing kinds of adult psyches, the two become oddly loveable; there’s something of the yuletide South Park about it.

Their adventure is strung together with a childlike mindset: like a drunk toddler has been given the building blocks of an already weird adult fantasy and is just placing them one after another in whatever order immediately presents itself. Any reconsiderations or pause for future planning being utterly unnecessary and frankly unwanted. This is stream of consciousness storytelling of the Chaotic Neutral.


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