RJ Bayley Reviews: GruB vom Krampus

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Short and sweet, Gruß vom Krampus is a charmingly DIY festive short that manages to raise a few laughs in its short running time. The key here is casting Patrick Devaney in the role of Krampus, turning the character into a rather petty Scrooge-like figure, which puts a welcome twist on the usual portrayal of him as a truly menacing devil. The film also, brilliantly, undermines not only the character himself, but also the very fantastical concept of the Krampus by basing his ire on social media rejection. Not only is this funny in its own right, but given how utterly addicted to social media and the tangible validation it brings – Charlie Brooker once astutely observed how Twitter had turned real life into a video game, racking up points based on retweets and likes – there’s also something very sympathetic and relatable about Krampus’ disappointment.

The end is a shame, it really needed to follow through with its denouement, as finishing where it does is, ironically, a disappointment.


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