Rik Jackson Launching Horror Rock Comic in Popcorn Horror Magazine


Rik Jackson, AKA Silent-P is a talented comic book artist from South London. He specialises in pin up and horror art, and is also the vocalist in metal band Circus Diabolica, as well as writing reviews for The Slaughtered Bird.

In the upcoming second issue of Popcorn Horror’s digital magazine, Rik will be joining the team and launching  horror/comedy comic strip Rock In Purgatory (R.I.P.). Following a very encouraging response from the horror community to issue one, the next issue will go live in mid-August.


Jackson explains: “Following in the footsteps of Brutal Bombshells, each issue of Rock In Purgatory will feature the outrageous and untimely demise of a series of calamatous rock stars. Whether its rival bands violently taking each other out of the limelight, posturing front men being crushed by collapsing lighting rigs, hotel room trashing gone tragically wrong or satanic bands actually raising the devil, you’ll find these ridiculous, gorey antics and more in the pages of Rock In Purgatory.”

He will be posting news and updates on the comic as it is being produced, so check out his website and Twitter to keep up to date.