Dear Dracula

Sam is a monster movie buff who lives with his grandmother. He has a best friend in the girl next door, but he’s always felt like an outsider. One day, when Sam asks his grandmother for a Dracula figurine, she suggests that he write to Santa to ask for one as a Christmas gift. Sam, however, has a better idea — since Halloween is around the corner, he’s going to write Dracula instead! Dracula is overjoyed to receive Sam’s letter — in the era of Twilight, old vampires like him aren’t so hot anymore. Eager to meet his fan, Dracula gives Sam the surprise of a lifetime by showing up at his house. However, Sam quickly learns that Dracula isn’t what he used to be — he’s lost his confidence, and he can’t even scare people anymore! Chaos ensues as Sam makes it his mission to help Dracula regain his mojo and learn to scare again. Dracula has a great opportunity to try his brand new skills at the neighborhood Halloween party, where he realizes that self-confidence is enough to make him as scary as he ever was. Meanwhile, Sam learns that he might not be such an outsider as he gains some newfound self-confidence of his own.