Review: Unlisted Owner (2017)

Review: Unlisted Owner (2017)

Review by Rebecca Kolodziej

When it comes to the sub-genre of found footage I have to say that I am not really a fan. Hang on, let me rephrase that, i can take it or leave it, resulting in a lot of the time leaving it. Don’t get me wrong The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity are two of my favorite franchises in the found footage genre but apart from that and of course Cloverfield my interest in it deflates. therefore it should be no surprise when  many of us horror heads don’t even bat an eyelid when told a new found footage film will be rearing its ugly head.

UNLISTED OWNER was no different. I have never even heard of the film until the director JED BRIAN reached out to me posing an interview/review opportunity for his film to which i eagerly snapped up the chance. So with a few details in mind about the film and the plot I sat down with a hot cup of tea, turned the lights off and readied myself for what was going to be UNLISTED OWNER!

The film is a slow burn. The beginning is important to the films plot and starts off pretty creepy but from then on it goes a bit sideways. The first half of the film revolves around the cast just goofing around, arguing, drinking and just generally doing things that young people do. it becomes slightly monotonous after a while and admittedly I have to say that I thought the plot weak at first although the the acting was good. UNLISTED OWNER, is not a bad film by any stretch and if you watch it to the end it certainly picks up it’s just whether your willing to sit through it.

Well, I did and I must warn you that it takes a while for any action to even start, finding myself feeling bored and losing interest rather rapidly. That soon changed however when things started heating up and once the ‘horror’ element kicked in it caught my my attention again and I enjoyed what I saw. I’m not going to give away spoilers because reasons you will just have to go watch it for yourselves!

It is sad to say but UNLISTED OWNER struggles to keep up with itself at times, relying a lot on obnoxious behaviors from the characters rather than elaborating on the plot. It’s a shame because the film had great potential and I could see where director/writer JED BRIAN was going with it.

When creating a found footage film it can either go two ways. It can either live up to the expectations of other mainstream horror films or it can flop and fail miserably. I wouldn’t say UNLISTED OWNER was a flop, though if there had been more attention taken to adjusting certain elements of the plot to make into something truly terrifying than I think the film would have done well!

Altogether the film was enjoyable and the end scene even made me jump which I appreciate in horror movies. If you enjoy a slow burn horror/thriller then you will definitely like UNLISTED OWNER!

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