Review: Toxic Shlock (2017)

Undoubtedly one of the most bizzaro films I have watched this year, directors Tony Newton and Sam Mason Bell deliver the freakish Toxic Shlock an eccentric comedy horror. From the get-go Toxic Schlock seemed one hell of a crazy ass ride but never did I think that it would be as abnormal as it turned out to be. I prepared myself for something far tamer than what I got and I can safely say that Toxic Shlock is not a film that you will forget so easily.

Does that mean that the film itself was any good? total honesty, no. the plot was messy and very scatterbrained and at times I found myself wondering what the fuck was going on even though I had read the synopsis beforehand. The acting was awkward, the plot weak and the overall film just seemed not to work. With that being said the film did have its good points. I can’t deny that Toxic Schlock was entertaining. It was fun, creative and had the potential of becoming a Movie title if only it had worked a little harder. With the film heavily influenced by the classic TROMA films, Toxic Shlock really does try its hardest to be recognized as a cult classic!

Unfortunately, it’s not quite there just yet.

I have noticed many traits within the indie film industry that being directors having a nasty habit of trying too hard in making their films serious. They have a habit of focusing on trivial things instead of the fun, creative side. I’m not saying serious horror is bad, I love all kinds of horror but its films like Toxic Schlock that put a smile on my face. Somehow it seems to try too hard without trying hard at all. Even though the film itself is very lackluster it was still a sickly, amusing ride into the mind of madness. It was ambitious and inventive and for that I respect it.

The music score, however, was maddening. It felt crazy and just bloody insane, an effect I think worked well in the film’s favor. it did, however, get very monotonous throughout the film and soon began to sound like nails being dragged down a chalkboard.

There are a variety of characters to follow my personal favorite being the ever-flustered Peter played by Simon Berry. If the plot had been worked on just a little bit longer Toxic Shlock might have earned a better review than what it has.

Seaside Stranglers, Superhero daughters, Transvestite dads, thick green slime and brainless zombies are just a sneak peak of what to expect from Toxic Shlock. It may not be a horrifying masterpiece but it definitely entertains! It will also make your brains explode!

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