Review: The Cat

THE CAT (2011)

Review by Rebecca Kolodziej

When it comes to Korean cinema, admittedly I’m no expert. When it comes to horror cinema though, I’m still no expert. But as it turns out I’m an addict, and an addict knows good drugs, in my case, fear. Turns out though that most of us are still discovering new horror highs and in SEUNG WOOK BYEON’S THE CAT I believe I have found an interesting take on foreign horror.

THE CAT begins in a grooming shop where SO-YEON works. We are introduced to the life of our female protagonist, her happy day job, working closely with animals with whom she has a close bond. It seems like a dream job until we learn of a white cat named ‘SILKY’ fluffy and beautiful, and harbours a dark secret.

As the story begins to unfold the tension begins to grab you, there are scenes that will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. Especially if you hold a trembling place in your horror heart for awkwardly contorted bodies, Young girls with terrifying features and an uncomfortable abundance of savage pussy cats.

I’m going to start with my dislikes just to switch things up a bit. Although the film itself wasn’t appallingly bad it was not the best indie horror movie that I have ever seen but definitely one worthy of appreciation. PARK MIN YOUNG who plays the female protagonist of the film SO- YEON, a rising star in the korean tv and film industry is undoubtedly the best actress in the entire film. Her co-stars were not terrible but fell short of the leading lady, giving it a slightly camp vibe. However, the creepy little girl played by KIM YE RON did a fantastic job of freaking me out for the whole night afterwards. So thanks for that kid!

THE CAT to me is an acquired taste within the horror genre. It may be too weak for some peoples pallets where to others it may be too strong. For me personally the film lacked the genuine feel and the scares were minimal, although there were a few wonderfully gory shots. However the ending of the film introduced to me a whole new horror that I never anticipated.

They say if you still think about a film long after it has ended then it’s job has been done. All I can say here is holy shit did that ending pack a punch. I felt as if my heart (I know, is that what thing is called?) had been ripped out of my chest! It was so powerfully moving.

I chose to review this film as I personally felt I could connect with it. Being a mother to three of hairy (and hairless) little bastards the idea was very interesting and how I could I pass up an opportunity to watch a film about kitties?

SEUNG – WOOK – BYEON has definitely created an interesting horror movie that I will be adding as permanent piece to my collection.

Overall the film took me on a wild roller coaster of emotions. It was entertaining, thrilling and sometimes unnerving! The atmosphere was often tense, sometimes awkward in a very real way.. The CGI was not the best but it worked for the budget of the film. If this film had a larger budget I could really forsee a great movie here. That being said they made good use what they had and I enjoyed it for what it is!

If you love Korean horror then THE CAT is a movie that you should not miss out on!

My rating: 6/10

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