Review: SIN (Self Induced Nightmares) (2013)

Review: SIN (Self Induced Nightmares) (2013)

Review by Rebecca Kolodziej

You want to know why I love the indie horror genre? It’s films like SINS that make the genre campy, fun and bloody horrifying in a seriously twisted way. In independent horror you can get away with so much that mainstream horror can’t and it’s in WILD EYE RELEASING SIN’S that I found this to be true!

I’ve seen my fair share of indie horror films and admittedly some of them have been great whilst others downright fucking awful but even when they’ve been appallingly bad they still never failed to entertain me and that’s what I love about the genre. That is what SIN (SELF INDUCED NIGHTMARES) gave to me. A movie so bad that it was good!

An anthology film that I found whilst browsing my amazon prime catalogue of shitty horror, SIN jumped out at me and I soon found myself clicking on the ‘watch now’ button in greedy anticipation. At the time I was secretly hoping for the film to let me down but you know what it really didn’t, SIN actually turned out to be a delicious treat for the fans of the cutesy macabre, I mean the title cover does have an image of a killer teddy bear on the front of it, why wouldn’t you want to watch it after seeing that right? I was hooked straight away. I loved it even more when I found out that it was going to be antho film.

Put together by europe’s finest rising talents and distributed by WILD EYE RELEASING, SIN is a gory, fun indie horror shocker that definitely deserves more exposure than what it gets. The film is purely designed to impregnate your mind with disturbing repulsion and fear. Acharacteristic that I am most definitely fond of when it comes to horror. From seductive vampires to killer teddy bears, SIN delivers in more ways one than one. There is a reason for its title. Trust me!

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