Review: Polaroid (2017)

Polaroid (2017)

Review by Rebecca Kolodziej

First things first. I am officially creeped out….and I love it! Of course I’m going to love it that’s why I’m here right?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case those words are all Nope.

Polaroid is a short horror film written and directed by Joey Greene. I am an avid short film binger and so when the idea came to me that I could spend my time watching and reviewing the things that I am passionate about I knew I had to include this one in the pile. (and believe me there are a lot!)

So, it starts with a young unnamed man (who is later credited as Alex) portrayed by Ethan Mikael stumbling across an old polaroid camera as he sifts through an old cardboard box of vinyl records and nostalgia. As a veteran at watching horror films it doesn’t take long to figure out that finding old, boxed away items have a habit of holding a sinister past and is often the reason as to why they are boxed away to begin with.

The suspense was palpable, keeping me edge of my seat with each snap of the camera. There is something deeply unsettling about taking a photograph only to find something insidious lurking within the negatives. When the naked eye refuses to see what is there Alex continues to take photographs with the camera, each photo revealing something more dark and malicious.

Hell no right?

Red alert! Preparing to nope the fuck out! “No! No! Just go. Don’t take anymore pictures just put the camera down and leave!” This is what found myself saying though I knew that something terrible was going to happen. I mean Alex took a picture where something was there and then took another one where something was gone……creepy. But in a good kind of way.

I won’t spoil the ending but I will say this. If you don’t have much time to sit down and catch up with a horror flick then horror shorts are the best way to go to still get the adrenaline surges that you crave.

Polaroid was very well performed and definitely played on my nerves. Everything about it was enjoyable and I recommend this little gem to any of you. Of course there were little bits where it could have been better, the reveal could have been better but all in all, suspense was awesome and the creep factor intense.

Just don’t go taking pictures any time soon after watching this. You don’t want to give yourself too much of a fright!

So, in summary, you should give this a watch if you like a short slow creep of horror that ends in the classic but sometimes maligned jump-scare.

You can watch the short film below.

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