Review: LILY (2016)

Hello there my Morbid Minions and welcome to DiHM. I have been looking forward to tackling this subject in the horror genre for a while now and so cannot to wait to get into it. With Horror and Mental Illness being two subjects I am most passionate about what better way can I contribute to Disability in Horror Month than by sharing my discoveries of short horror films centering on disability in horror. My aim is to find as many horror shorts as I can throughout the month of June in honor of Disability in Horror Month. 

With that being said let’s get started shall we. Kicking off Disability in Horror Month 2018 is award-winning short horror film LILY.

I have witnessed my fair share of disabilities in horror but nothing as gut-wrenching as this unique gem. Directed by Sylvain Pelissier the truly unsettling LILY will have you clenching your fists with fear and frustration.

LILY is a phantasmagorical revenge horror focusing on inescapable problems of society such as the mistreatment of the elderly with reduced mobility. It is by the fantastic genre that the writer and director of the film wanted to deal with this problem of society, which is also a subject of reflection on the place of the individual in our society.

My heart broke several times throughout the film as the plot focuses on a very touching subject. Neglect and abuse towards elderly people is horrifying enough but when you are disabled and treated badly it becomes a whole different matter. The acting was superb throughout the twelve minutes.  Catherine Lecoq who plays auxiliary nurse Myriam does an incredible of making the viewer feel hatred and disgust towards her character. Pascal d’Iverneresse who portrays the character of the old wheelchair bound Oviedo Bariani is faultless. His performance delivers the innocence of an elderly man in need of care.

The atmosphere was on point, with the film taking a build-up approach rather than straight to face jump scares. When the time did come for the overall reveal I was pleasantly horrified by what I encountered.

LILY has won itself several awards across the country since its initial release in France in 2016. If you are looking for something to stop your heart then maybe you should become a carer for Mr. Bariani. If you dare!