Review: Her Last Ballet (2018)

Written by Carrie Lee’s, Her Last Ballet is a simple version of modern horror delivering atmosphere and suspense in just in four minutes. With no verbal dialogue, Lee’s progeny is a twisted tale of confusion and reality.

In this unique short the unnamed protagonist finds that she is left with a strange heart-shaped box on her front doorstep. When opened the strange battered box begins to play a beautiful piece of music accompanied by a strange dancing ballerina, seems pretty normal doesn’t it but of course this a horror short and there is no such thing as normality here.

Although lacking in the department for typical horror, ‘Her Last Ballet’ definitely earns its place to be appreciated in the genre. It’s different and I particularly enjoyed the no dialogue approach. Actions speak louder than words and Lee conveyed that perfectly.

If you’re looking for a quick fix of suspense-filled psychological thrills then you may want to check out Her Last Ballet!


For more information on rising talent Carrie Lees’ follow her below on youtube!



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