Review: The Incantation (2018)

The Incantation (2018)

Review by Rebecca Kolodziej

Written and produced by four time award winner and one time nominee Jude. S. Walko, his suspense, paranormal flick is set to boggle the minds on August 31st 2018. I had the pleasure of being able to preview the film and all in all I have mixed emotions.

Set in the beautiful countryside of France, The Incantation follows a young American woman Lucy Bellerose (Sam Valentine) a strong yet flawed young woman who receives a postcard from her mother instructing her to come to France. At first the atmosphere of the film is very light with Lucy seeming to be the happy go lucky tourist girl, excited about her trip and taking selfies to document her trip for her ‘virtual followers’ but as we continue to watch things slowly begin to take a dark turn.

In all honesty I am not one for a slow burn horror, and although I wouldn’t really class ‘The Incantation’ as a typical horror film I will say that it fits in with the supernatural aspect of the genre.

At the beginning I found myself struggling to get into the mood of the film, often distracted by my own impatience of wanting something spooky to happen (yes, i am a very impatient person). However, I can appreciate what Jude. S. Walko was trying to portray with the classic tension building and to a degree it did work. The chosen location of filming was a bonus for adding atmosphere.

Set in a beautiful, picturesque castle the premise for the film is a typical paranormal plot ( I have no qualms with that as I love myself some creepy, spooky castles! Who doesn’t right?) and although the acting was a bit sketchy at times I will say that overall ‘The Incantation’ was an enjoyable film.

The characters were interesting and I found myself falling in love with the soundtrack, (watch it to find out what i’m talking about) the music was hauntingly beautiful and the cinematography spot on. ‘THE INCANTATION’ is the first original content for Blue Falcon Productions, a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-owned business Co-owned by Campbell and Walko.

It was an refreshing experience to watch and a nice surprise to see Dean Cain (Superman, Smallville) portray a role that is quite out of the norm for him. As a notable veteran actor Cain plays ‘Abel Baddon’ a character that is definitely way past the spectrum of his usual ‘clean cut’ roles.

There were a few moments towards the end when the tension really began to build leading me to feeling unsettled however I will admit that I wasn’t terrified out of my mind. ‘The Incantation’ was more of a psychological, suspense thriller that all in all I thoroughly enjoyed!

It was nice to experience a slow build (even though my impatient butt would beg to differ) instead of being faced with jump-scares galore. (I love my jumpscares though) I appreciate Jude. S. Walko’s contribution to the genre and will definitely be checking out more of his films in the future.

In conclusion I recommend ‘The Incantation’ if your a lover of all things eerie. This film has a mixture of myths, urban legends, witches, and occultism a recipe for the tastiest indie cocktail for this year so far.

Watch the trailer below, and find out more on Blue Falcon Productions website.

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