Review: Halloween (2018)

October 19th, 2018 saw the return of Michael Myers! I’m a huge fan of the Halloween franchise. I will admit that the later installments are hella terrible, it lost the whole original feel that dear old Mikey first implemented in 1978 but I can not deny that when I found out that my fav masked psychotic spree killer was returning to Haddonfield I lost my shit.

I have spent the last few months listening to podcast reviews on this movie and the majority of horror podcasts have slated it. Does Halloween (2018) really deserve such an unwelcoming reception? I guess horror fiends we’re about to find out.

I found myself really loving this adaption. It kept true to the original 1978 production. I was actually rather surprised as I imagined it completely different. As the canon goes, Halloween 2018 is a direct sequel to the 1978’s Halloween meaning that every film after the first original no longer exists and that Laurie Strode is no longer Michael Myers sister.

With that being said  It was so great to see the return of dear old Laurie Strode played by my favorite scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and course hearing the modernized score by iconic director John Carpenter! But let’s be honest It was super fucking cool to see dear old Mickey Myers slicing and dicing his way onto the silver screen once again! The guy never fails to make an entrance!

Written by Danny Mcbride I believed Halloween 2018  to be a disaster but I was glad that I gave it a chance. Was it great? No. was is enjoyable hell yeah. The opening scene with the pumpkin inflating payed homage to the 1978 version bringing back a warm feeling of happy Halloween nostalgia. Hearing the high pitched piano notes of the Halloween theme raised goosebumps on the back of my neck transfixing me. The whole movie was a love story to the previous masterpiece and even though in this adaption the other films no longer exist, there were plenty of references that paid tribute to the past installments. 

The kill scenes were brutal. sporadic yet tasteful. Michael Myers did not fail to deliver or disappoint. There was plenty of blood and gore. However, i will say that the film did lack the original atmosphere that the 1978 adoption had. The film was slow but still very enjoyable.

If you’re a fan of the Halloween franchise then you definitely should check out Halloween 2018.