Review: Gore Theatre (2017)

Welcome fiends to Gore Theatre an hour-long Horror anthology indie film tightly compressed of gut-wrenching torture porn and other gruesome delights. Written and directed by an array of talented creatives of the horror world Gore Theatre definitely takes you down a dark alleyway and guts you once you press play. You may recognize a few names within this nightmarish number two being Tony Newton a director who I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Toxic Shlock a comedy horror and Sam Mason Bell.

Gore Theater is an appropriate name for this anthology film as it doesn’t fail to deliver. From start to finish the film was just perfectly sickening. Again it was with great pleasure to see Simon Bell return in Gore Theatre as the psychotic host of the movie ‘The Butcher’ a demented maniacal freak and our narrator for the duration of the story, a mad fiend who could put the crypt keeper out of his job. he also has his little ‘friend’ a corpse who he enjoys cutting to ribbons, tearing slick tendrils of rotting flesh and splitting tasty tendons all the while casually introducing to us to the terrifying tales that follow.

Gut churning right?

But of course it doesn’t end there. We also have the tragic Mr Smeagol played by Robbie Hampstead a fucked up clown who loves more than to torture the souls of his innocent victims than to blow up balloons at children’s birthday parties. The broken segments of Mr Smeagle seem to grow more and more violent as the film goes on until finally reaching its bloody climax as the end. It’s rather sad actually.

As is the way with horror anthologies I have my favorites. John Figgis Nouveau Monde a modern take on sexy vampirism is definitely one them. The segment was subtle but captured the mood. The music was also very good bringing a soundtrack of Soft Pill into the mix. Sexy vibes, an alpha vampire on the hunt, tall, handsome and ready to rip your throat out? What more could you want right?

But of course, I’m not all about sex appeal fiends. I also love a good story. James Frasers ‘My Little Miracle’ was very disturbing. A quick segment focused on two characters. I’m not going to spoil this one as I thought it very well executed and deserves praise.

Then we have Snuff Underground X and The Witch both segments written by Tony Newton both very prolific when it comes to atmosphere and tension. Eerie, evil and just plain twisted Tony Newton succeeds in capturing ‘freakish’ in its nature. I also liked the fact that there was no talking used in these segments. It was all done visually, black and white, distorted and just fuckin creepy a hard accomplishment but a successful one all the same.

Jennifer Nangle’s ‘He Said To’  is a terrifying tale of demons in a different sense. We’ve all heard the saying “The demons in my head are talking to me,” well in this little sickly segment they are full on wanting to play! Focused heavily on mental illness I enjoyed this little number very much.

These are all but a few of what Gore Theater has to offer. It’s definitely one of my fav anthology films of the year! From fetish euthanizing dominatrix bunnies to flesh-hungry rabid road zombies, Gore Theater has plenty of vivid versatility within its just up to you to take a date with The Butcher!