Review: Girl’s Night 2 (2017)

Review: Girl’s Night 2 (2017)

Review by Rebecca Kolodziej

A suspenseful short that puts ‘The Strangers’ and ‘The Purge’ to shame, Girls Night 2 is a horror filled short packed with enough intensity that it will give you nightmares for days. A direct sequel to ‘Girls Night’ Girls Night 2 focuses on the surviving member, Jess, who is still being haunted by the brutal memories of the night her friends were gruesomely murdered.

A well produced piece of work, David Teixeira captures horror in its finest hour as he conveys terror through the eyes of a masked murderer. Masks alone are scary, especially on Halloween but when they are used as a way of concealing the identity of a killer that is a different nightmare altogether. Bone chilling and gut wrenching! Girls Night 2 is definitely a worthy opponent for Popcorn Horror’s Bitesize festival!

Will you be brave enough to watch Girls Night 2? Or will you put off those plans of hanging out with your friends for a while?

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