Review: Under The Flowers (Webseries)

Under the Flowers poster 1 (edited)

From the award winning creators of The Halloween Girl, Mad Shelley Films brings Under the Flowers, a 4 part web series.

Under the Flowers hooks you in with mystery, a ghostly boy with a black flower growing out his hand and an underlying dread that what is under the flowers is going to be frightening.

Jackie (Katy Stahl) is a troubled girl. She’s having a recurring dream, the boy with the black flower is trying to lead her somewhere, but should she follow?


The lead, Jackie, takes you on a journey where you don’t know who to trust and what to believe. Her dream is crossing over into reality, is she going insane?! Each character she meets along her path adds to the mystery. Poe (Lauren LaVera) has a smile which reminds me of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, is she really helping Jackie or is she up to mischief? Are they part of a cult? The brief appearance of a pumpkin badge did bring on the Halloween III feels. Every time Jackie passes out she meets the same man, is he kind? Where does she know him from?

This is a well put together series with satisfying chills and just enough unanswered questions to leave you gagging for a follow up. Catch the web series here and enjoy the journey.

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