Review: Eat (2014)

Review: Eat (2014)

By Rebecca Kolodziej

Got a hangnail? You feel the urge to tear that little fucker from out of your flesh and spit it out? You know when you bite t deep and it becomes a bloody disaster? Well, you might wanna reconsider biting your nails after reading this as shit is about to go down!

Life kinda sucks for struggling actress Novella Mcclure. Yes, she’s blonde, beautiful and has a body to die for but somehow that just hasn’t been enough for her to bag that role of a lifetime. It doesn’t help that she’s in her late twenties an age that considered ‘old’ contributing to her lack of roles in the last three years. Oh, she still goes to auditions though where she constantly bats heads with her nemesis Tracy a younger beautiful bouncy brunette who steals all the roles just by her looks alone. Its safe to say that this is a recipe for disaster and by that I mean Novella Mcclure eats her own flesh!

Yep. pretty crazy right? Told you I wasn’t lying.

Eat is Pretty People Pictures first full debut film which premiered in 2014. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions detailing the hardships of industry struggles constant pressure to be on top, the fear of waning beauty, aging and failed successes. Not only that but the whole film is just a gory grotesque feast fest!

Eat represents everything right with indie horror! It has the gore, it has gut-churning scenes of pure x rated gruesomeness enough to even make this gore whore want to blow chunks. It has bad acting mixed with good acting an averagely funny plot but most of all a unique premise on horror. The film also touches on controversial subject one that made good of interest to any indie horror fan. Autophagia; the consumption of one’s flesh. Basically eating yourself. You know we all feel like chowing down on ourselves every now and then right? No? Ok!

Novella’s Autophagia is triggered by stress. When she gets stressed she gets hungry and when she gets hungry she well eats herself! It doesn’t help that her borderline psychotic friend Candice is always luring the failed actress to participate in a lifestyle that she can no longer afford. It’s no surprise really that the failed actress has spiraled out of control.

Eat is simply a fucked up version of Pretty in Pink. Girly, gory, bloody, vulgar and just plain putrid Eat is an indie horror film that you seriously do not want to miss! It’s eccentric, wild and just bloody good. It’s graphic, it’s sickening and its everything that a good indie horror should be! Just the thought of tearing strips of your flesh from your body is enough to make me recoil in disgust and cringe my ass off. Urgh…So if Eat makes me freak out what is it going to do to you fiends?

It’s definitely worth the watch to find out.


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