Review: The Coatmaker (2018)

Packing a scare in under four minutes is always a win on my watch and that is exactly what Scott Dales Horror Short ‘The Coatmaker’ does.  This delightful disturbing little short raised goosebumps all over my body creating the nauseating feeling of tiny little insect feet running all over me as my horror hungry eyes devoured this awesome short. Not only is this freaky film dripping with tension but it also contains a hellish phobia of mine….mannuquins! Urgh! So believe me when I say I just couldn’t pass this one up.

When a tailor closes up shop for the night, he quickly discovers that he is not alone.

I was very impressed with this short. Everything about it was right, the atmosphere, the tension, the pace, and the build-up was very well executed and nothing felt rushed at all. The scares were minimal but necessary a trait I appreciate greatly when it comes to horror movies. The Coatmaker explored more than just the mundane fear instead Scott Dale elaborated on Pediophobia which is the term given to people afraid of mannequins and turned it into full-blown nightmare fuel. As if mannequins couldn’t get any scarier! 

I loved it of course but I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t hiding behind a pillow the entire time I watched it either! It took a great amount of courage for me to watch this short and I’m very glad I did as its one of my favorite horror shorts. What can I say fiends; a ghoul gotta do what a ghoul gotta do in the name of horror right?

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