Review: Beautified (2018)

Review: Beautified

By Rebecca Kolodziej

Beautified is a UK short drama/horror that follows the lives of three young girls who are enslaved in a dystopian society that constantly pushes the girls to endless perfection. It was the summery alone that caught my attention for this short. I was simply browsing my twitter feed looking for some new horror shorts to review when suddenly Emily Haighs Beautified jumped out at me.

Yes, I am well aware that it is not a typical horror but I think that it certainly fits the category and therefore deserves a review here at Popcorn Horror. The nine-minute short holds a sense of dread that actual horror shorts fail to showcase; a bold statement I know but trust me when I say that Beautified is beautifully disturbing.

I have stated many times that I am an avid fan of psychological horror and let me tell you fiends beautified is none other that gut-wrenching. From start to finish the short grasped my attention, choking me into discomfort as I watched the tragic life of these three young women unfold. Beautified is a daring psychological piece of cinema that is both unsettling and tragic.

The acting is superb the soundtrack hauntingly mesmerizing. The whole aesthetic of the short is just creepy and that’s what I look for when searching for new films to review. Yes, I love my gore, I love my cheap jump scares, I love everything about the horror genre that Beautified did not supply yet I was still captivated and horrified by what I saw. A winner in my books. I enjoy searching for unique horror films and as sometimes as a reviewer, you have to wade through a sea of ‘not so typical horror’ to find a precious gem; I definitely found that in Beautified.

For more information on Award-winning Actress/director Emily Haigh make sure you follow her on twitter for more creepy coolness and info on latest films!


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