Review: Ancient Order of the Droids, Terrore V

Ahead of one- off attraction The House With Neon Windows at Glasgow Horror Fest next month, I had a listen to one of the new soundtracks which will be playing as attendees try to escape the murderous 80s party house before the end of the night!

Great albums can often be found behind great cover art. Acclaimed indie artist Eduardo Santaella creates a creepy and colourful scene straight from an Evil Dead comic page, which really caught my eye first. The aesthetic behind Ancient Order of the Droid’s new album Terrore V: La Tomba del Maniaco brings together the best elements of Italian horror scoring- Anthemic dissonance, orchestral riffs, industrial, electronic samples and sounds. Musike Di Diable, the one man record label behind the Droids moniker, sculpts sweeping soundscapes in his ‘Terrore’ franchise, with the arrival of its 5th installment already causing controversy. La Tomba is arguably the worst film in the franchise but the score by Ancient Order of the Droids is widely considered to be the best in the series.

The 1986 film was produced by the Spanish Mafia as a money laundering scam and is mostly remembered by the infamous aerobic scene, where the leotards of both male and female dancers failed to cover the crotch area completely, leaving little to the imagination. The music to the sequence was a hit in the European dance club scene.

As with any concept album, the opening score ‘Ceremoni’ throws us right into the action. A ghostly, distorted fanfare introduction slowly slides into a more sinister droning from a warped string section backed by electronic beats, creating mystery and intruige.

By far the stand out track from Terrore V is ‘Funerale’- a synth heavy powerhouse with a catchy hook. Equally driven is the rousing ‘Burla Universitaria’ and the Carpenter-esque ‘Asfixia’. Unfortunately the rest of the film’s music did not get the recognition it deserved, more atmospheric and darker than its predecessors, it went unappreciated by fans of the series who were disappointed in the movie itself.

Despite any negative comments, this latest offering is sure to please anyone who prefers darker computerised samples and will be an exciting addition to the House with Neon Windows attraction at Glasgow Horror Fest this October. Rush DJ Mr Naga will be behind the decks serving Terrore and more atmospheric italo industrial noise to the escape room attendees.

Terrore V: La Tomba del Manaico is available to stream now on soundcloud and will be on iTunes Sept 14th.

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