Review: 4/20 Massacre (2018)

Review: 4/20 Massacre (2018)

By Rebecca Kolodziej

4/20 Massacre is a fun filled stoner slasher flick written and directed by Dylan Reynolds (Chain Link), straight into the bizzaro an action packed potheads wet dream. I’m not one for stoner films but when I read the plot line for this la ganja trip into the woods I was instantly hooked. Why? Well stick around and I’ll tell you. When it comes to stoner films in my experience I find the plots very weak and quite frankly boring, however, with 4/20 Massacre I was honestly caught off guard by how enthralling and entertaining it was. The film was truly a pleasant surprise.

I have been a horror fan since I was a little kid so it’s safe to say that I am very familiar when it comes to the horror genre, what I found interesting though is how 4/20 Massacre has already earned itself a place in the library of instant cult classics, a high praise indeed when it comes to world of indie horror. The question is though does it earn its right to be there? The answer is simple. Without a doubt fiends, yes!

On the eve of 4/20, five friends go camping in honour of one of the friends birthday Jess (Jamie Bernadette) the plan? To get loaded and have one hell of trip. Unfortunately for the feisty group of females they encounter a little more than they bargained for resulting in lets just say a bloody massacre! Upon their travels when hiking to their campsite the five friends happen upon a psychotic killer who is the protector of the local towns illegal marijuana farm. The plot may not sound like much but trust me the film is definitely worth the watch.

I have often said that when it comes to indie horror the genre can be a hit or miss. Fortunately for 4/20 Massacre the film was a total hit and I will stop my rambling and tell you why.

The acting was great, there was no over the top cheese to which I greatly appreciated even though I am a sucker for cheesy acting when it comes to indie horror. However, with 4/20 Massacre already harbouring a cheesy story arc I think the film worked better with not so over the top acting. The chemistry between the cast members was on point, they were believable and relatable and overall I just felt drawn into the plot, A huge bonus when it comes to films such as these. I commend Jamie Bernadette (Jess) and Vanessa Rose Parker (Aubrey) and Stacey Danger (Donner) on their strong performances even though Justine Wachsberger (Rachel) and Marissa Pristone (Michelle) also acted incredibly well I personally felt that their characters were not as interesting as the other three. I would even go out on a limb to say that Jaime Bernadette could be indie horror’s new scream queen!

Packed with humour and intensely juicy gore scenes I can definitely see 4/20 Massacre rising high in the world of indie horror. The kill scenes were sparse but necessary and when the killer did strike he definitely did not let his viewers down.

All in all I highly recommend 4/20 Massacre. It has everything that a horror fan could possibly want so what you waiting for? Come blaze up with this experimental slasher.


The film is available on Amazon. You can find out more on the official Facebook page.

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