‘Haunt of Horrorflicks’ – A Retro Cartoon Horror History

This poster detailing the history of horror wouldn’t look out of place in a nursery! Artist Niklas Coskan spent over a year creating illustrations for ‘Haunt of Horrorflicks’, his  horror poster project. In his unique retro cartoon style, films such as The Evil DeadEyes Without a Face, and Re-Animator are represented. The poster lists the films by decade, and shows their success based on budget and earnings.

The artist explained:  “I wanted to create a kind of ironic look to it as even horror movies often don’t take themselves to seriously. So I went with a really childish/cute style. I also liked the idea that this poster could hang in waiting room at a pediatrician. It was hard to chose 50 films out of this huge amount of amazing movies especially because I’m a huge trash-film-lover. But I’ve chosen movies that seems most relevant to the genre to me.”

Find out more about the project on Niklas’ website.

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