The Experiment: The Results


The results are in! First off, we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in The Experiment. Everyone who visited Popcorn Horror, checked out our social media, published their work, donated to projects and told their friends about us, we really appreciate it!

The Experiment was our look at how best to support the people who create independent horror. We were testing our toolset Bolster, to see how it could be used to create a supportive indie horror community. The main things we wanted to find out were –



Over the ten days, we collected analytics for Bolster and worked out the average in a number of areas. The results stand at –



We learned a lot from these results over the course of the event, and what’s been most valuable is hearing what you guys think and what you’d like to see from Popcorn Horror. Based on your feedback, we are implementing a number of changes.

Probably the biggest is the shift in focus for Bolster, to being more geared towards filmmakers. Many of you said that you found the idea of ‘web projects’ confusing, and that it didn’t make a lot of sense to have separate projects for various pieces of art, or articles you had written. Projects now refer to videos with the Bolster tools embedded in the player.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 13.46.20

Don’t worry though, if you are an artist or writer who uses Bolster! You can still have a Bolster button, receive microdonations and be a part of the community. Your profile on Bolster is now your ‘web project’, with anyone clicking your button being directed there. Our results showed that Bolster was a little confusing to navigate. Bolster has also undergone some re-design, making it smoother and easier to use. The sign up process has been developed to allow you to put more info on your profile, since it’s now your landing page. We’ve also made the video upload process more simple and streamlined. We’re looking to improve the system in a number of other ways, including –


Our results also showed that a major issue was that the T-Shirt tools was difficult to use, and it was hard for their fans to find their merch to purchase. Using the Bolster payment system for t-shirts was confusing for many people we asked, so we have decided to simplify the process. T-shirts will no longer be purchased through a popup, but through a dedicated webstore hosted on Popcorn Horror. This means that you’ll be able to purchase merch for your favourite indie horror projects in one convenient place. We are working hard on putting this together, and hope to have it ready very soon.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. We’d also really appreciate you clicking the image below and taking our Experiment survey. It should take you less than one minute.



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