Representation of Casinos and Gambling in Horror Movies

The idea of catching a horror movie on a Friday night is a cozy yet thrilling idea. You work hard throughout the week. 

And winding up the weekdays with some adrenaline pumping through your veins is an idea one can make peace with. 

Just grab some popcorn, get your favorite drinks and settle in to catch some spooky fun unfurling on the screen. What more can you want as the week ends! 

So the genre of horror might be able to pique your interest. But do you know what adds on to the fun? Watching a horror movie that features the casino and gambling. 

Now you might be wondering what has casinos got to do with horror movies! And you are not wrong if you work your brain trying to make the connection.

However, you must note that casinos have a siren call to them; a certain inescapable lure. They have stories of rags to riches and vice-versa. 

There is unpredictability in the air, and the sort of tension that you cut with a knife. And that is not just for the land-based casinos. It is also true for online casinos like

And that set against the backdrop of spine-chilling horror is an experience like nothing else. Therefore, for the fans of the genre of horror, this is a combination that you must not miss out on. 

You have watched movies on gambling, and you have watched movies about the supernatural. And now you must try watching movies that experiment with the genres together. 

It is going to be worth your evening. And if you need to know which movie to start with, read on to take a step in the right direction!

The movies that we have enlisted in the article are in no particular order or preference. You can pick any one of these or all of these in whichever way you like. You get to make the final call! 

Fright Night, 2011:

This one is a remake of the original that released way back in 1985. And before we get into more details about the movie, let us just get this straight. Fright Night is nothing short of a cult. 

It has assumed the stature of a classic. The way the motif of the casino is used in this movie is quite welcoming. And that is why it finds a spot on our list. 

The movie chronicles the journey of a 17-year old teenager who is smitten by the horror genre. He grows to believe that his neighbor is a vampire. 

And when no one believes in his story, he takes up the mantle to slay the vampire himself. What makes it a smooth entry to our list is that it is based in the gambling hotspot of Vegas. 

Catch the movie one Friday night for a bone-tingling sensation, and a peek into Vegas.

The Haunted Casino, 2007:

The name itself gives everything away and leaves little to the surprise; or maybe not! The Haunted Casino is definitely a movie that deals with a casino gone all supernaturally wrong. 

However, it is much more than just that. The setting again is that of Vegas. It shows the story of a gang of friends who visit the casino of a friend. 

Now what is spooky is that the casino is an inherited property, but one that is haunted. However, the gang is oblivious to this piece of information and therefore, unwittingly walks into peril.

What happens after that is for you to catch up with. We do not want to risk giving away any spoilers given the plot is wafer-thin. 

Steve Niles’ Remains, 2011:

The third and the last one on our list is Steve Niles’ Remains that is based on the graphic novel by the name. The movie is all set in the Reno Casino and is a must-watch if you want to have a spine-chilling weekend. 

And not just that, the movie also deals with nuke explosions and zombie apocalypses. Have we not given you enough reasons to catch this movie already? 

The nuke explosion sets unleash a bunch of zombies on the world and guess who the only survivors are! 

The only ones to survive are the employees of the casino. You need to watch the rest of it to understand what course the movie takes. There is nothing else that we want to spoil for you.

Wrapping Up the Exciting Discussion:

These were our top three picks for horror movies featuring themes of gambling and casinos. Of course, there are several other movies that you could decide to watch on the weekend. 

The final decision will always be yours. But, if you needed any suggestions from us, these are the picks we have for you. 

Go ahead, grab some munchies and enjoy the weekend with some casinos and zombies.