How to Replace the Background with a Scary Horror Image Using Movavi Photo Editor


Are you interested in coming up with a horror poster of your own? In theory it is really simple: All you need to do is snap a photo of the subjects you want to include in some scary or terrified poses then replace the background with a horror-themed image of your choosing.

In practice the one problem that you may run into is that replacing the background with a horror image while preserving the subjects can be a bit tricky. To do so you’ll have to essentially ‘select’ the background and the subjects – and ensure that you are able to remove the entire background without accidentally deleting part of the subjects.

Normally it would take time to familiarize yourself with how to use a photo editor to pull that off, but if you use Movavi Photo Editor you’ll find that the learning curve isn’t steep at all. Frankly speaking, you should be able to replace the background of your photo with a scary horror image in minutes.

Essentially the reason why it is easier than normal to use Movavi Photo Editor as a background remover is because of its intuitive design. Not only is its interface engineered to make it easy to locate the features that you need, but the actions that need to be taken to apply them to remove and replace the background are also simplified.

To get started all that you need to do is load your photo into Movavi Photo Editor and head over to the aptly named ‘Background Removal’ tab. Once you click on it, you’ll find all the tools that you need to remove and replace your background – and the first two that you should use are the red-colored ‘background brush’ as well as the green-colored ‘foreground brush.


With the red brush you should paint over the background that you want to remove, whereas with the green brush you should paint over the subjects that you want to keep. If you want to start over at any point you can use the eraser to do so, but if not just keep going till both are selected as precisely as possible.

When you are done Movavi Photo Editor will show you the selection you’ve made with a yellow line. Assuming it checks out, you can then remove the background with a click – causing it to become transparent. After that all you need to do is click on the ‘Add Image’ button and select the horror image that you want to use as your new background.

Keep in mind that there are other features that are in Movavi Photo Editor that you could use to enhance the image quality, insert captions, apply filters, transform the frame, apply digital makeup, and much more. With these features it should be easy for you to create the horror poster or scene that you’re after, as you can add other scary touches to your photos as well to really set the mood.