Gruesome Horror Feature RED EYE Seeking Funding


How many of us have sat down to write our first big horror idea, only to find that virtually no scary story has been left untold? The team behind Red Eye, an indie horror feature, admit that their story may have been told before. However, they want to create a unique horror film that takes a familiar story and presents it in a fresh and gruesome manner. To make their dreams a reality, the team – lead by director Tristan Clay – are seeking funding of $10, 500 on IndieGoGo.

Here’s the synopsis: “”Red Eye” is a tale of four friends that head out to the backwoods of Black Creek, West Virginia to document a local legend, Red Eye, for a film festival in their hometown. Will their passion bleed through…or cross the line? “

The team emphasise that this a traditional horror feature, and not a found footage film. They are passionate about the film they want to create, explaining ” We’ve have taken the generic horror formula and contorted it until it ended up in a bloody mess outside the box!”

Tristan Clay (Director, Writer and Producer) and Destinie Orndoff (Writer, Producer, and Actress) share a very similar passion for the horror.  Film has been a huge part of their lives since they were young children and it’s actually what brought them together. Horror was introduced to Destinie at the very young age of six . Her first film in a theater was Freddy vs Jason at the same age. She has been a dedicated fan ever since! Growing up, Tristan was only allowed to watch PG13 films and saw Prom Night at the age of 12. He realized then that he had a passion for the genre and persistently pushed to be able to watch rated R horror films. Destinie and Tristan met at a horror convention and became great friends over their common likes and dreams.

The director explains: “Our goals with this IndieGoGo are simple…to make an amazing, bloody, gruesome, and ultimately fucking  bad ass full length feature horror film. ” 

To help them achieve this goal, check out the project – which is already over 20% funded – and show them some support from the indie horror community.