Rebeka Bergin


Rebeka Bergin is a teen author working on her first book, a horror novel for young adults – Calder. Rebeka told us a bit about this ambitious project.

“I remember her being beautiful and kind. I remember feeling protected, like nothing could ever hurt me. Then I remember that one day, she was just gone.”

Noah doesn’t remember much about his mother, only what he was told as a child. His mother had died in a tragic accident. Twelve years later, now a teenager, Noah wants answers, but when his father’s behaviour takes a strange turn, he is left feeling puzzled and suspicious and decides it’s best not to keep digging. In an attempt to calm his father’s behaviour, Noah suggests that he stay with Vincent, Noah’s not so favourite grandfather. On returning a week later, Noah’s father has made the sudden decision for them to move out of the country.

On Noah’s second night at his new home in England, he dreams of a mysterious white horse. He wakes with an unease and sadness that he cannot shake. He chooses to ignore his dream until he is plagued by a second. This time more vivid and with a vision of a beautiful, crying girl, a girl that will soon become familiar to him.

Together with his alien loving, scatter brained best friend, Jake, Noah seeks the answers to the questions that consume his every thought. Why did he keep dreaming of this white horse? Who is this girl he had never seen before? Why do the people at school look at him and whisper to each other? And is this house responsible for his nightmares?” [Official Synopsis]


Rebeka describes literature and animals as her two passions in life. She blogs about both, in her animal blog Batty for Beasts and on a separate blog documenting the challenges of being a young writer. She has had an interest in writing from a young age, and studied English at collage and University. When she was unable to complete her degree and began working full time, Rebeka’s partner suggested that she use her free time to write. She began by finding the time to blog, writing posts about quirky, out of the ordinary subjects that caught her attention. It was at this point that she decided to write more professionally.

Rebeka is inspired by her love of animals, and possession horror movies such as The Haunting in Connecticut and The Devil Inside. She is also a fan of classic horror literature, particularly The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Dean Koontz. Her work is also inspired by dark, fantasy, and mythological art. She uses Pinterest to collect artwork for inspiration when writing. She also has a Pinterest board for Calder, displaying the contents of the novel in a visual form (

When she had been blogging for a while, Rebeka began to struggle to find unique things to write about. She wanted to turn her attention to her passions, and says that she picked up her love of animals from her Nana – a cat lady. The story for her novel came about from a writing exercise, thinking of the first few sentences of a story and attempting to develop them. These few sentences have now become Calder. The novel is currently in its early stages, but Rebeka has kept a blog on the process. (

Rebeka told us about the process of putting together her novel. She uses Evernote, an online notebook. This means that she can work on her writing on a range of devices. She also uses to host her blog. Finally, she listens to rock music to concentrate while writing.
Keep up to date with Calder on Rebeka’s blog.