The Reason Horror Fans Are Sharing The Hashtag #ImAHorrorFan on Twitter

Horror fans are used to people making snap judgments about their character. How many of us have been asked why we enjoy brutal and gory movies, and whether this correlates to real life violence or sadism. There’s been panic in the media over ‘video nasties’ and ‘torture porn’ and whether those who enjoy them are stable, reasonable human beings.

So when UberFacts put out a ‘fact of the day’ stating that “”People who prefer gory horror films typically have low empathy, high sensation seeking, and – among males – a strong bond with the killer.”

Naturally, the horror community is a diverse group of people from all over the world – and they weren’t happy as being labeled as attention seeking and having low empathy. So horror fans took to Twitter to dispel some of these myths, and introduce themselves as perfectly healthy, happy, functioning people. ‏ of Dread Central replied to Uberfacts “”Time and time again, horror fans are uncharacteristically mislabeled, sneered at, and seen as dangerous. The truth is that you’re all some of the most generous, friendly, and beautiful people out there. So let’s show the world who we are and proudly say !” 

Since then, fans from around the world have been sharing their stories and love for horror.


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