The Quiet Room Bears Have A New, Terrifying Teddy Inspired by IT

Since 2001, artist Lee Howard has been creating one of a kind, horror influenced custom teddy bears. The bears often come complete with stitches, mutations, fangs and weapons, leading us to wonder what an evil bear uprising might look like.

Lee’s store, Quiet Room Bears has earned a cult following for it’s outrageously non-child-friendly stuffed toys.  Even horror directors Jen and Sylvia Soska are fans, and own a set of creepy bear twins.

The latest project for the Quiet Room Bears was inspired by the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s IT. Although released to celebrate the new film, the bear is actually based on Tim Curry’s iconic portrayal of Pennywise.

The bear is up for auction of eBay, with bidding already at over $500. Lee described the bear’s size and structure: “This bear is BIG! It is about 20″ while sitting! It is also quite heavy. It features half of a clown face, hand-stitched on wig, pant legs and sleeves, and inside it’s chest/guts is a paper boar near a sewer hole, while a red balloon sits near!”

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