Psychological Horror Short, Burn, Poised to Hit 2017 Festivals


The highly anticipated debut film collaboration between Slaughtered Bird Films and Dragon Egg Media, Burn, will be hitting festivals near you very soon!

Directed by Judson Vaughan (creator of Pedro and the multi award-winning Soul Breaker), and based on an original story by Chris Barnes (editor of popular UK horror site The Slaughtered Bird), Burn is both patient and unrelenting in its tension building. The screenplay — co-written by Barnes and Vaughan — is stunningly captured by Joaquim Barreto’s cinematography, and brings classic psychological horror to the forefront of independent British cinema once again.

Here’s the synopsis – ‘After several local disappearances prompt a nationwide manhunt, Burn focuses on Peter and Louise – two (of many) people gripped by media-induced fear. When their son Charlie is born, the pair must find a way of raising him amid continuing public hysteria and incomprehensible personal tragedy.’


Burn was created on a tight budget, funded completely independently by Chris and Judson, and is currently being submitted to festivals worldwide.

Starring Max Cavenham and Emma Kelly, Burn was filmed over 3 days in Hertfordshire and north London, UK.

Find out more about the film on Twitter at @BurnShortFilm and on IMDB