Psychological Effects of Horror Movies on Essay Writing Performance

Close-up portrait of a horrible scary zombie man. Horror. Halloween.

Over the past 15 years, world cinema has changed a lot. Special effects created with the help of IT technologies change and exaggerate reality so much that it is no longer interesting to watch “ordinary” cinema. Therefore, especially children with an unformed psyche quickly “sit down” on the achievements of Hollywood. It’s even about the movie 6+.

We all know about the bad effects of horror movies on humans’ health. But if horror is only harmful, why are they so popular? And not only now: frightening stories from time immemorial have been an indispensable part of folk art. Take at least fairy tales. It’s like a vaccine against stress: having experienced a frightening situation “make-believe”, a person is better prepared for it in reality. 

For example, students are much less affected by tons of essays and examinations if prior to this tough period they watch a horror. In general, fear is one of the most important human emotions, and it would be strange if it did not find its reflection in culture.

The fact is that such artificial stress helps to survive real stress. We sympathize with heroes who obviously have much more serious problems than ours. Adrenaline rush helps to get rid of the accumulated aggression. After such experiences, a person inevitably experiences relief, the mood rises and the world seems a little more friendly. Brain activity is increased. That is why essay writing performance is much higher.

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Benefits of Horror Films

The influence of horror films can be not only negative. An experiment was conducted at the University of Texas that showed very interesting results. It turns out that horror films have positive aspects.

There are groups of individuals with an adrenaline addiction. They tend to look into life for situations that contribute to the production of this hormone – risky adventures, parachuting. Horror films promote adrenaline without risking life. Spectators, despite their fear, are well aware that the danger is irrational, that is, it does not pose any threat to them. Therefore, they can safely watch the film, enjoying the exciting sensations.

This is a good nerve training. It has been established that people who regularly watch films of this genre are more resistant to real stress, because experiencing difficult, dangerous situations with the heroes, a person subconsciously learns to cope with his fears.

Scientists have concluded that these films can be used for medical purposes to treat phobias and other mental disorders in order to learn how to manage their fears.

Top 3 Useful Horror Movies

“Fan”, 1999, directed by Nikolai Lebedev. The plot of the Russian thriller of 1999 revolves around a thirteen-year-old girl who managed to attract the romantic attention of the maniac acting in the area. Not sexual, if anything, but killers. The girl revels in her “female power”, distributing bloody orders to the maniac, but soon discovers that the one with the knife has real power. This film is a great vaccine against the romanticization of violence and male aggressors. Every girl is worth a look.

Cyber ​​Terror, 2015, directed by Ben Chan. Adults hardly understand the horror of the plot, but teenage girls sit in a stupor of the entire film. As you know, the picture was shot based on real cases of cyber troubles, when the girls were brought to suicide by an endless stream of insults or blackmail. Casey, a schoolgirl of about fourteen, is in such a situation.

The Mist, 2007, directed by Frank Darabont. Fog descends on the city, and creatures are found in the fog. A group of citizens, isolated in a supermarket, is trying to survive, but it seems that for a person there is no enemy worse than another person. Even trying to get through the gloom full of monsters at some point is safer than staying among your own kind. If you look carefully, the film is a visual aid showing why those who know the life history well live the longest. And why it is worth keeping hope until the last.