The Psycho Pumpkin animated

A Brooklyn artist recreated the classic shower scene from “Psycho” for Halloween, and she did it with a big twist: She carved all of the scenes onto pumpkins and made a stop motion movie out them.

Yuliya Tsukerman used 10 pumpkins to create 30 different frames from the famous shower scene and then created a stop motion piece she calls “Psych-o-Lantern.” In all, Tsukerman created 30 16x9cm frames on the pumpkins. She says each frame took between 2-6 hours to complete. “My carving process began by tracing the basic lines of each image with a knife, then free handing the gradients of light and dark and fine-tuning the image with the light source inside,” Tsukerman said.

The artist says she dreamed up the pumpkin film idea last Halloween, but she couldn’t put it together then because most stores had already sold all of their pumpkins.

Check out the animation below.