Review: Prodigy (2018)

When it comes to Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal’s Prodigy, I confess that I expected something completely different to what I actually saw. Upon reading the title I immediately assumed that I was in for a fun-filled horror ride about the Devils Child when in fact what I got was an enthralling Sci-Fi Drama. Packed to the brim with suspense this psychological thriller is a touching story of love and loss, grief, and despair and how we as humans interpret these emotions. 

Sounds like something that may pique your interest eh Fiends? Well, I can definitely say it piqued mine. Although the film itself was far beyond dazzling the overall theme of the Prodigy was very interesting rousing excitement and tension from the moment it began. Very thought provoking the premise of Prodigy. 

The film centers around Dr. Fonder (Richard Neil) a middle-aged, established psychologist who agrees to take upon a mysterious case which leads him to encounter a nine-year-old girl named Ellie (Savannah Liles) who is not quite the average child. Restrained and confined to one room throughout the films main entirety Dr. Fonda is tasked with uncovering the troubled child’s dark past in order for the right precautions to be taken. The plot itself is very simple but I will say that is brutally effective. The atmosphere established throughout the film was very dark and brooding leading me to always expect the unexpected.

The acting throughout was superb, credit especially going out to Savannah Liles for her amazing performance at such a strong, difficult role. She executed her part beautifully not only unnerving me but propelling me back into the mind of a child in the time of traumatic events. The eerily adult Liles in her role as Ellie was simply captivating. Her performance had the ability to captivate, strapping you into a rollercoaster of emotions along the way. Richard Neil also did a fantastic job as his role as Dr Fonda, his actions believable and not overdone. Liles and Neil had a connection on screen that was just pure cinematography chemistry their relationship often bittersweet.

The subject of grief and loss is one we all can relate to, with Prodigy Haughey and Vidal conveyed the message of guilt, pain and loneliness perfectly and it paid off well. The main protagonists’ relationship was painful to watch but it was also very heartwarming. A powerful message was displayed throughout Prodigy, the message: never give up on someone who is in need of help.

Prodigy also features the talents of Jolene Anderson, Emilio Palame, David Linski, Harvey. Q Johnson and Aral Gribble who all did a brilliant job in their roles.

If you are a fan of slow burn suspense films then this little indie flick is definitely something you should check out!

Charnel Chatter Approved.