Print and Build Famous Horror Houses For Free

Fancy a horror craft project? Check out these awesome paper house models designed by Ray Keim. He created a series of spooky house models, including the Halloween and Amityville houses, features from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, and the haunted mansion rides from Disney’s theme parks.

Best of all, Ray has made the models free to download. Check out the full series on his site, and some of our favourites below.


Haddonfield 78


Midnight Spookshow




Infamous Amityville


The Phantom Manor


The Bates House

Ray’s other creative projects which horror fans will want to check out include constructing The Blob house from gingerbread and exploring the spooky Eastern State Penitentiary.

Ray is a seasoned Production Designer who directs, conceives and produces digital illustrations, concept art, interactive game design, props, scenic design and scale models for theme park attraction development, film, television, live stage and the web.

He currently works in theme park attraction development at Universal Studios Creative where he produces art, props and scale models for Universal theme parks and resorts worldwide.