Press “X” to Scream!: Grave Days (Indie Alpha access)

Hello again my basement dwelling cannibals, guess who’s back from a long stand-off with mental health. It’s Adam with a fresh new PRESS X TO SCREAM. I bring you a fresh grotesque peek into the indie horror basement meat locker.

So I was in séance with the spirits of online indie game hotspots, and in my commune with the daemon spirit Itch’io, I discovered the work of Mr Denzil Buchner.

Without further polishing my tropes here we go, Grave days is a top down action RPG with horror survival and crafting elements. BUT WAIT! Don’t run, I know you’ve heard that description a lot in the last few years.

I promise this isn’t a crude attempt to eat your brain!

Grave Days isn’t a case of appear alone in a world and punch trees until you can mine blah blah blah. In Grave Days, you begin alone in a building, with a few boxes around you and a workbench.  Outside is an unknown quantity of zombie, so you punch up the boxes and take your scrap wood. Two seconds later you have a baseball bat and a chance at survival, leave your base behind as you need to travel to find anything of worth. And unlike most other games that baseball bat will see you right for the entire game if you can master the art of timing your swings and back peddling from the zombies.

That sweet radial menu keeps the game play fast and stops the rotten from eating you while you peruse your pack.

Food is important too, but the farming here-in is limited to a single hydroponics bench; you add seeds, water and a small bag of soil. BAM, less than a minute later you have food. Or if that doesn’t tickle you the right way, just smash some more boxes. Who knows whether it’ll contain an apple or a complete chicken burger? Who cares? Slam it down your gullet and KEEP SMASHING THE ZOMBIES.

You see this game is prioritised differently to most in its category; Base building and tedious survival have taken a back seat to running room to room, wanging zombies with anything you can wrap your white knuckles around. There’s less chod than you’d expect, every weapon I used felt like it was worth picking up, the baseball bat is the first thing you’ll make and it doesn’t falter in the later game.

8 options and 5 of them are weapons!

As far as I can see it there are two ways you can play this game, you can build a base and strike out in the night safely creeping building to building, looting only the silent chests and not smashing a single box.

Or there’s another way to play, a way that says damn the homebody life, damn the noise complaints and damn that bar by the mini map I thought was a temperature gauge…….


That gauge….


I fondly call it the ZOMBIE RAGE GUAGE!

You see for everything you do there is a consequence, NOISE. Playing this more like a speedy roguelike, you enter a situation where every box you break adds a little to that gauge, waving your flashlight around adds a little to that gauge and sprinting with zombies nearby adds to that gauge a little.

And before you’ve realised it you have…

Turns out guns are loud….


That means run, or try and fight. But make sure you have enough bandages and suppressants to outlive the zombies and the infection you might get.

Get used to it.

I only got a look at the Alpha, but I have to say it feels pretty polished.


This gets a thumbs up from us at popcorn horror!

Check out Grave Days at: