PrepAway and Other Top Web Resources to Prepare You for Microsoft 70-740 Exam

Passing 70-740 exam gives you a slot to be part of Microsoft—a corporation optimized and considered highly of for more than two decades and counting. In the process of preparing for this certification exam, picking the best study resources to help you is a momentous step. Thankfully, the internet, as well as other platforms, is a good place to take advantage of. It offers a wealth of resources that will contribute to how you will perform in the exam and define how much time you need to get the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification. Choosing the most reliable online platforms for your exam preparation, you can easily pass all three exams (70-740, 70-741 and 70-742) required for getting MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential.

More often than not, your very choice of web resources will either help make or break you. So, stick to the ones which have the best interest in making you a certified professional! Here are numerous platforms designed to guide you pass the prestigious Microsoft 70-740 exam.

Prepaway’s 70-740 Premium Bundle

PrepAway provides access to quality videos relevant to your quality of understanding of the exam. For visual learners, PrepAway is an ideal choice to digest all of the information you might be dreading of when placed in an overly long and wordy material. The subjects touched on are calibrated to become informative but animated, so as not to put its purchasers into an inevitable sleep while studying.

Allocating a time on your schedule to watch PrepAway video courses can make a tremendous impact on your exam performance and even more after you obtain your certification. Absorb everything PrepAway offers at $19.99 and make the best out of its study guide, questions and answers and training course.


A 70-740 bundle from ExamCollection adds to the list of recommended web resources. This material wraps a bulky load of savvy 517-page study guide; premium file of 252 questions & answers; along with a training course containing 107 lectures. Offered here is a comprehensive course educating you on how to install, store, compute with Windows Server 2016, with video lectures meant to sharpen your technical skills on the necessary domains covered in the exam.

Other than this, a VCE File balloons your know-how in 70-740 faculty. You may download the file from the official site of ExamCollection. Individuals aiming to become certified professional in MCSA as a computer system administrator, technical support, or network administrator will find this material fitting and helpful.

Microsoft Virtual Lab

By using a personalized virtual lab, you create more room for learning that is meant to last during and after the exam. An option you can trust is found at Microsoft’s site, where self-paced labs are offered. Microsoft Virtual Lab is an excellent selection for a training resource. Besides the effectiveness it provides, it also gives much convenience to IT professionals as it can be easily accessed online.

One thing busy individuals cannot afford to is the time attending training classes, which makes these accessible online resources the best alternative. The virtual lab offered by Microsoft promotes hands-on practice which is arrayed on a number of labs. The best thing about this web resource is that you can access it from within your browser, at your own pace. Plus, you can use it freely without dropping any penny.

However, if you prefer a more personalized and experimental training, but convenient still, you can build your own virtual lab. You’re free to use experimental techniques that will educate you more in your field in the same way the Microsoft virtual lab does.


Here you’ll find a great collection of the latest exam dumps uploaded by real exam takers. They are completely free and as they are present in .vce format, you need to download the VCE Player to open them. If you need to get the already checked dumps by IT experts, you can buy such. To completely avail Exam-Labs’ efficacy, you can purchase its Microsoft 70-740 dumps for a minimal amount. Like the aforementioned web resources above, this premium bundle holds 3 products designed to teach you in successfully installing Windows Server 2016, as well as maintaining server environments. Verified by the industry’s experts, this exam resource promises a bright time ahead for test-takers. If you cannot afford to buy the whole 70-740 package, you can purchase it individually. Both its training course and study guide are obtainable at a cheaper rate while the premium file at a higher yet competitive price.

Official Microsoft Practice Tests

Lastly, a 70-740 practice test will guarantee your understanding of the Microsoft certification exam. Rest assured that you will not be investing study time on topics that are not part of the exam since the questions found here are all ranged to Microsoft Official Curriculum. Taking these practice tests will make you more familiar with the exam questions and format through its list of 150 questions and in-depth corresponding explanations.


Seldom will you find a web resource that supplies a good training material with no charge. Downloadable for free, candidates can make efficient use of a practice test software that is aligned with the test’s objectives. With a professional aid like ExamSnap, you can enter the testing center confident in your preparation and leave the building satisfied with your answers. This exam material fuels a candidate’s learning with its selection of 48 engaging videos. With this at your reach, you can masterfully answer the questions demanded in the certification exam.


Try the mentioned list above and see which ones work best for you. Some are free of charge while others may ask payment to fully avail its offerings. All these are helpful in passing the exams required in becoming a certified MCSA Windows Server 2016 IT professional. Give each a shot and decide which suits your learning style, accessibility and time!

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