Most Popular Horror Slots in Online Casinos

The horror genre is one that makes its presence felt in some of the least likely places. There have always been horror themes in the broader gaming world, from the downright disturbing Sweet Home from the 1980s to modern classics like Forbidden Siren. The opportunities for increasing the fear factor due to the greater involvement that players have with a game over, let’s say, a movie or a book, make gaming a perfect platform for scares.

Would you gamble on horror slots?

Before you dismiss the idea of horror-themed slot machines in a land based or online casino as some sort of marketing ploy, there are two factors to consider. The first is competition. Just take a look at and you get a picture of just how crowded the online casino market is – every one of those sites is clamouring for a new angle to tempt new players.

The other factor is that new rules out of Nevada mean Vegas now allows more skill based games in its casinos. This gives game developers far more scope when it comes to creating games that are immersive, engaging and even scary. With these points in mind, let’s check out some of the most horrific slot games around.

Horror icon Elvira poses with her branded slot machines.

Day of the Dead

This one is not based on the 1985 Romero movie, but on Dia de los Muertos, the celebration of those who have passed on, that is held every year on 02 November throughout Latin America. The game does not go too heavy on the gore, focusing instead on the carnival atmosphere, with energetic Latino music and bright, colourful symbols. From a gambling perspective, the huge multipliers and 96 free spins guarantee this game’s popularity.

Immortal Romance

Perhaps the best known horror-based slot, this is based on the Twilight Saga and contains two bonus games that have generous payout potential. This is a great example of the new generation of slot games that can offer a genuinely atmospheric and engaging experience, while retaining the main features of a slots game, ie multiple reels and the possibility for a big win.

Blood Suckers

If you prefer your vampires to be of the traditional murderous variety rather than the angst-ridden teen sort, Blood Suckers will be right up your street. In fact, it is more traditional in every way, featuring a conventional slots game and a really quite violent bonus round, in which you destroy vampires for cash rewards.

Twins of Evil

There is something cheesy yet genuinely creepy about the low budget Hammer Horror flicks from the early 1970s. One such film was Twins of Evil starring Peter Cushing, and while it might seem strange inspiration for a slots game, it works. The bonus feature is particularly disturbing – just try to pick the “beautiful wench,” that’s all.

Under the Bed

This game works on that childhood fear of what might be lurking under the bed, and features the expected monster, plus terrified children, bedside lamps and a full moon – all brought to the screen in 3D. If that’s not enough to keep you awake at night nothing will be.

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