Popular DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys

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As a time that allows kids to dress up as anything they want and indulge in all the candies they desire, Halloween is one of their most favorite holidays. For sure, a lot of kids are excited about it and are already wondering what Halloween costume they would wear. If your kid is one of them, why not go with a DIY Halloween costume for them?

Going DIY on your kid’s Halloween costume can allow your kid and yourself to really feel the spirit of Halloween. Even if Halloween is still a couple of weeks away, it can somehow become a means of being festive by being crafty.

You guys could brainstorm possible costume ideas. And once your kid has made their final decision, you can both finally realize your kid’s imagination into an actual costume—yes, your kid can get in on it too. Many DIY costumes are easy to make and can be pretty fun to do, especially if you’re a crafty person, and your kid can join in the fun of it.

If you’re afraid you’re not equipped with sewing skills, don’t worry, as the costume ideas provided here don’t require you to be a master at sewing. In fact, a lot of them require only little to no sewing and can be easily put together simply by using a glue gun.

Moreover, these costumes can be made with cheap materials and even some materials that are readily available at home. So you wouldn’t have to spend too much on a costume your kid will only wear once.

There are many options in this article, whether for girls or boys, scary or cute, and requiring only hot gluing or sewing. So check them out, and you might just find the perfect Halloween costume for your kid.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls 

Light Up Ghost Costume

XOXO Melissa Tomao

Your little girl will be the cutest little ghost walking around the streets for trick-or-treating in this adorable light-up ghost dress or ghost shirt and skirt ensemble. The dress is made with an adult tulle skirt with ribbon straps. The skirt for the ensemble is also tulle. And for the ghost face, felt sheets are used.

This costume is lit by battery-powered string lights. The lights can be attached with the use of either safety pins, hot glue, or stitches. Involving minimal sewing, the only parts that need sewing are the straps on the dress and also the string lights if you wish.

Unicorn Costume

Trendy Mami

With this fantastic unicorn costume, your little girl can have a magical Halloween. The process for creating this costume is not so complicated. You can even use an existing sweatsuit if she has one. You’ll just have to add on the sweatsuit some wool yarn for the mane and tail, a cardboard cone wrapped in white-gold ribbon for the horn, and felt sheets for the tummy and flowers.

Witch Costume

Witch hat: Skagit vs

Tutu:Priti Singh

Broom: Nidaquarius Crafts

Your girl would look bewitching in this classic witch costume for girls. To achieve this classic look, you would need to create a witch hat, broom, and tutu.

The witch hat, you can easily make with a black cartolina. You’d cut it into different pieces, particularly a semi-circle and two donut shapes, then assemble and paste them together. You can also add a ribbon and a buckle around the hat.

For the broom, you’ll only need to poke a wooden dowel into a paper cup and secure it with a glue gun. Then hot glue around the dowel some rolled-up newspaper sticks for the bristles, which you would secure with twine. The dowel would then be painted black, while the bristles would be painted brown.

And for an easy no-sew tutu, you’d need a crochet headband and some tulle rolls of different colors. On the crochet headband, you’d tie onto the holes three different layers of tulle in alternating colors.

Coraline Costume and Coraline Doll

Go Jo

If your little girl is a fan of the adventurous Coraline, her otherworldly story, and not to mention, her adorable Coraline doll, then the Coraline costume complete with a Coraline doll would be perfect for her. Coraline’s attire is super easy. Most of the pieces are probably already available in your kid’s closet. To pull it off, your kid just needs a red striped shirt, jeans, yellow rain boots, yellow raincoat, and a blue wig, and voila! She’s got Coraline’s look.

But the crafty part is mostly in Coraline’s key and doll. To make Coraline’s key that your kid can wear around her neck, you would mold clay into the shape of Coraline’s key and bake it in the toaster oven. If you know how to sew, you can sew a Coraline doll too. 

DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

Toothless Costume


Anyone who watched the How to Train your Dragon movie and sequels would love Toothless. Perhaps your little boy might like to be Toothless on Halloween. Creating it wouldn’t be too much trouble as the mighty Toothless has braved through, but it sure is as adorable as him.

You can even make use of an already existing hoodie your kid may have in his closet and just add in the dragon details using green fabric for the eyes as well as black fabric and stuffing for the horns and ears. Pieces of scrap fabric can even be used for the details. It’s that simple and cheap. It may involve sewing, but it’s not so complicated.

Count Dracula Costume

Fangs: TsundereV

Vampire shirt: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

Cape:Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing and Crafting

Vampire makeup: HalloweenCostumes.com

Count Dracula is a classic Halloween costume for boys. And your kid doesn’t need to be bitten by a vampire to get Count Dracula’s look. You just need a few inexpensive items and to get a little crafty. Let’s just hope he doesn’t bite others.

Give your kid an authentic vampire look with fangs by cutting two fake nails and refining them into shape with a nail file and sticking them onto your kid’s teeth with denture adhesive. You can also revamp an old button-up into a vampire shirt by adding pleats onto the front. You can even go the easy way by simply hot gluing the pleats on the shirt. And lastly, using black fabric and heavy-weight iron-on interfacing, sew a cape complete with a rigid stand-up collar as what Count Dracula wears.

Apart from the Count Dracula get up, you may also do vampire makeup on your kid’s face. Vampire makeup can be done by whitening the face as well as darkening the hollows of the face like the eye sockets, cheekbones, temples, and sides of the nose with gray makeup and blending them out with a cosmetic wedge. You can also add a final touch of fake blood on your kid’s mouth.

Frankenstein Costume

Katee Shoe

If you want something classic that’s easier to do, you can go for a Frankenstein costume. You can make a Frankenstein mask with just a shoebox that fits your kid’s face. Just paint on it Frankenstein’s features. Then you’re going to create Frankenstein’s two bolts on an extra piece of cardboard, paint them gray, and attach them to the bottom sides of the mask.

Just make sure you make the holes for the eyes big enough for your kid to be able to see well. And to make sure your kid can breathe well and so that his nose won’t get squished, make a slit along the lines of the Frankenstein mask’s nose and slightly push out the nose from the shoebox. Then you can finally make holes on the sides and attach some ribbons for tying the mask.

As for the outfit, all that is needed are a green coat, black pants, a black shirt to be worn underneath the coat, and boots. Then you would give the coat and pants a tattered look by cutting the edges of the coat’s sleeves and the bottom part of the pants in a zigzag pattern.

Jack Skellington Costume


Why not make your little guy feel extra special this Halloween by letting him go as Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and the patron spirit of Halloween in the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. He’d look cool with Jack Skellington makeup applied on his face, which would involve whitening his face and painting the black details for the eye sockets, nostrils, and stitch-effect mouth on his face.

Of course, you’ll also have to prepare his black pinstripe suit and big, bat-like bow tie. Just find a black coat and black pants, and you can paint the white stripes on them. In making his bow tie, you can make use of black paper and paint the details with white paint. Also, you can let your kid wear a white shirt underneath the coat.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys

Baby Shark Costume

Nefer Persona

Baby Shark is a popular nursery rhyme. And the yellow baby shark would make a cute Halloween costume that your kid might like.

You can achieve the Baby Shark costume by hot-gluing two pieces of yellow felt together to make a yellow hood and sewing it to a yellow shirt, making a hoodie. Then you’re going to create the features of Baby Shark like the eyes, nose, teeth, fin, and tummy using felt sheets and hot gluing them on the hoodie. If your kid wants, they can go with the other colors of the other members of the Shark Family. Or your family can even go as the Shark Family.

Skeleton Costume


A skeleton costume would also be cool. What makes it better is that it’s super easy to create. You just need to get a black long sleeve shirt, black pants, and some white felt sheets. And on the felt sheets, you would draw and cut out the different bones that make up a skeleton. Then you are going to glue them on the clothes with fabric glue.  

Zombie Costume

Becca Beach

If you wanna go with a realistic, scary look, you can try this awesome zombie makeup and costume. You can easily achieve a realistic zombie look by applying some homemade prosthetic makeup on your kid to create gashes on their face and a bite mark on their neck as well as to build up the cheekbones to make a more skeletal appearance. And also by applying deathly colors, particularly gray on the face and neck as well as dark brown on the eye sockets, jaw, and sides of the nose. You would also make tears on their shirt. As a final touch for the realistic zombie look, you would apply fake blood on their mouth and clothes.


Deciding on a Halloween costume can sometimes be hard. Especially when you don’t know what to go as yet. Hopefully, this article helped you find a DIY Halloween costume for your kid to wear and that you enjoy creating it together. But more importantly, don’t forget to wear face masks when going to parties or trick-or-treating to protect yourselves from COVID-19. And have a fang-tastic Halloween!

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