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We are Popcorn Horror, an indie horror web channel based in Glasgow, Scotland. We unearth the best grassroots horror content from across the web and deliver it to the horror masses in a fun and engaging way. We also create meaningful ways to help the people behind the content create more of the stuff we love by actively supporting and promoting independent horror content. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best indie horror content in the world. In order to do that though, there are some costs associated with running Popcorn Horror. The money raised during this campaign will be spent on:

  • The server costs associated with running Popcorn Horror
  • Paying for Vimeo Pro, in order to host the movies on our film channel
  • Running of events within the site
  • The costs of maintaining the channel to a high standard (eg. Hiring web designers and artists to improve the look and function of the channel)
  • Sending disks and screeners to our reviewers
  • Helping us to further support indie horror creators (eg. Creating custom promotional artwork, paying for advertising for indie films)
  • Hiring recording equipment to create Campfire Tales, our audio book recordings of scary stories

We’d really appreciate your support!

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Popcorn Horror

Popcorn Horror is the new home of independent horror. Created by Horror fans for Horror fans!

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