Popcorn Horror Joins The Crypt Family


We are delighted to announce our partnership with the CryptTV Crypt Family! CryptTV is a digital network founded by Eli Roth and Jack Davis which produces awesome, edgy genre content. The team have formed an army of horror fans and creators to create the biggest, baddest network that celebrates everything weird, dark and genre oriented.

You can find out more about CryptTV on Facebook and Twitter. In teaming up with them, we’ll be working with a range of horror creators from all over the world to bring better and more varied content to Popcorn Horror. We’ll also be partnering with them for various events and competitions, allowing us to offer these opportunities more often. Don’t worry, the same regular features and indie horror content will be posted on Popcorn Horror as normal.

We’re really excited for the future and looking forward to bringing you even more awesome indie horror films, art, writing and more.



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