Popcorn Horror is Joining Forces with Creators Unite

Popcorn Horror is very excited to reveal that we have joined forces with independent magazine Creators Unite.

Creators Unite is a quarterly digital magazine, a Creative “Art-Horror” Publication bringing you the best of underground culture. The Mission of Creators Unite Magazine is to give artists the platform they deserve to showcase their work to audiences and potential investors. Like Popcorn Horror, the team are passionate about supporting and promoting indie creators of film, art, photography, music and more.

Over the next six months, we will be bringing our magazine publications together to bring you even more breaking horror news, articles and interviews from around the world. If you’ve been enjoying the content in the Popcorn Horror magazine – it’s about to get even better! Check out the latest Creators Unite issue to read their coverage of Women in Horror Month 2018 to get an idea of what they do. The magazine also features beautiful artwork by Chantal Handley – who we are big fans of!

So expect to see pieces from even more talented horror folks and new features coming to Popcorn Horror’s magazine over the coming months.

Popcorn Horror

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