Plan 9 Director Reveals Plans to Remake Another of the Worst Horror Films of All Time

When director John Johnson and Darkstone Entertainment announced that they were remaking the infamously terrible Plan 9 from Outer Space, horror fans didn’t quite know what to expect. Ed Wood’s incredibly low budget sci-fi movie had gained something of a cult following as one of the worst films in history and is perhaps the best known example of the ‘so bad it’s good’ reputation in cinema.

It was therefore a little surprising when almost a decade ago, plans were revealed to remake Plan 9 from Outer Space. The remake Plan 9′ featured Horror host Mr. Lobo, Brian Krause, and Internet celebrities Matt Sloan, Aaron Yonda, James Rolfe, and Monique Dupree performed in the film. Now it’s set to receive a follow up in the directors planned series of three remakes of notoriously ‘bad’ films. The next Z movie to get the remake treatment is Harold P. Warren’s ‘Manos: The Hands of Fate’.

Warren was an insurance and fertilizer salesman who produced the film as the result of a bet. Manos was an independent production by a crew with little or no background or experience in filmmaking and a very limited budget at its disposal. There are numerous aspects of Manos which lead to it’s infamy including the bizarre plot, terrible acting, inappropriate music choices and inclusion of seemingly random scenes unconnected to the main plot.

The teaser trailer for Manos shoots this August (Exactly 10 years from when the Plan 9 teaser trailer went into production. Then it will debut Halloween Night!) The film itself will go into production in 2020.

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