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Pit Hammann is an  illustrator, caricarturist, cartoonist, author, and designer from Frankfurt, Germany. When we asked him how he became interested in art, he explained – “To attain my skills in drawing, I had to vanquish Godzilla in a pogo stick race. Having an opponent thumb made the difference. Okay, that was a lie: Yes, I won the race, but Godzilla had to wash my car; afterwards, I wished he hadn’t.” In reality, his career in art is familiar one, as he explained that he had to endure long hours with little money until his work became popular.


Some of his works were published in Reader’s Digest, MAD Magazine, and some German magazines and newspapers.
Most of his works are solely the result of his wish to create them, no matter to what extent they could bring in some money. For this reason, Pit is comfortable calling himself an independent artist.


Our favourite of his works is of course his horror babies – taking horror icons and re-imagining them as cute and cuddly. he explains his inspiration for this project – “Almost everything loses its fright when you find a point of view which shows it in a weak or even ridiculous manner. Or, in the words of Nelson Muntz: “Haw-haw.”


We asked Pit whether he found his horror babies creepy or cute. He explained that he would say cute, but that many of his fans have told him they found them scarier than the original monsters. “So fear of whatever seems to be something pretty individual.”


We also asked him which of the horror babies he would most like to see on the big screen (our vote is for Freddy!) Pit said he imagined his characters would work for a comedy film; “Most of the lil’ guys are more adequate for rather funny movies. Just imagine Darth Bubi (“Bubi” is an over-cute german expression for “little boy”) splitting Aunt Mildred accidentally with his lightsaber. Haha, so much fun”

For a horror movie, he went with Voldemort, because “he is a bit less human than his fellows, which gives him the potential to be a really scary asshole”


We also considered which of these guys we’d least like to raise. The fangirl in me is still leaning toward Freddy, despite probably enduring all sorts of scary dreams, but Pit said “Baby Hannibal. As he cannot move in his strait jacket, you might forget him for a while, which gives him time and opportunity to produce a shitload of shit.”


Pit also has some really exciting projects coming up. He has just finished an illustration for the gothic novel rock-band ASP. At the moment, he’s working on a series of caricatures of Frankfurt’s (his home town) most popular/important persons. And as soon as he has time, he plans to illustrate a scary picture book for which he wrote a creepy and cute story in rhymes.


Find out more about the artist at his website

His caricature work can be found here 

He also creates really cool ambigram art

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