Pictures of Horror Villains Beside The Actors Who Made Them Famous

Horror fans have often said that the people who play the most frightening characters are often the most pleasant, likeable people in real life. We can confirm that we briefly met Robert Englund at a convention and he was a lovely, friendly guy!

Angela Norris, the owner of Fxattics Studios has put together this interesting series of images showing legendary horror movie villains beside the actors behind the makeup and effects. Comparing the characters to the images of the actors shows exactly how much work is put into their transformations through special effects, makeup and costume design.

Angela explained;  “I am the owner of Fxattics Studios, where I make props and Halloween masks, so I’m always trying to create works of art to increase my likes and views on the page. I had the idea to do the montage with the clown Twisty as many people don’t know that he is John Carroll Lynch from the show Drew Carey. My followers liked the idea and I kept doing it.” 

Check out the extraordinary images below. Who do you think is the most shocking transformation?

 Michael Myers And Tony Moran From “Halloween”

Sam And Quinn Lord From “Trick ‘R Treat”

Freddy Krueger And Robert Englund From “A Nightmare On Elm Street”

Captain Spaulding And Sid Haig From “House Of 1000 Corpses”

Valak And Bonnie Aarons From “The Nun”

Samara And Daveigh Chase From “The Ring”

Lord Of Darkness, Pennywise And Frank N. Furter By Tim Curry From “Legend,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” And “It”

Pennywise And Bill Skarsgård From “It”

Chucky And Brad Dourif From “Child’s Play”

Pinhead And Doug Bradley From “Hellraiser”

Jason Voorhees And Kane Hodder From “Friday The 13th”

Leatherface And Gunnar Hansen From “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”

Twisty The Clown And John Carroll Lynch From “American Horror Story”

Predator And Big Foot By, Kevin Peter Hall From “The Predator” And “Harry And The Hendersons”