Photography by Gareth Priest


The last shower

Gareth Priest is a photographer from Cardiff, South Wales, born in 1983. He grew up drawing self portraits, characters and urban landscapes and as a teenager discovered graffiti. For several years he was involved in writing lyrics as a way of coping with issues in his life, but when he had worked through those issues he found that there was nothing he actually wanted to write about.

He didn’t discover photography until November 2011. His skills in camerawork, photography and processing are entirely self taught, and he has never studied photography or attended any courses. His style is extremely varied –  from warm peaceful sunrises at the beach to dark misty eerie shots at the graveyard. He also creates self portraits, and has begun working with models in order to further his creativity and, in his own words – “getting the images in my imagination combined with the moods and atmospheres I capture from my camera and out in to the world”.

When Gareth first began developing his skills, he was very interested in sepia tones due to the way they enhanced the mood of the image and the vintage style.

The Watcher

The Crow

Through the Grass

Gareth explains “After the Sepia I went through a Blue Period or as I called it ‘Tone cold’ for a while every shot I did I had to be cold dark and sombre and this blue really brought out that mood I felt”


When all is Dead

Gareth most enjoys creating self portraits with spooky horror themes.

Don't look

They never caught the killer

The last shower

Because he doesn’t have a make up artist or make up skills, he finds other ways to bring the edge to the shot like selective colour and other processes.

What was that

He also believes that it’s important to combine portrait and landscape to really capture mood and atmosphere and prefers to find places to go instead of using studios.


Haunted Highway

Not Alone

As a child, Gareth was terrified of spiders, but feels that photographing them helps him to feel more at ease, explaining – “it helps me to see their beauty and respect their genius web making abilities”

Holy Spider

In the corners

Strangers in the Night is Gareth’s latest series, going out with his camera at night around the city and capture peoples silhouettes by using the light from the streets. The pictures are inspired by novels, and he plans to create a book based on the images.

The street light went out and her eyes began to glow (1)

He followed him uner the brige (1)

Gareth explains the following image – “This place is called The old boys village in Saint Athans, Vale of Glamorgan. It is by far the best place I have been to since starting Photography, the entire village is abandoned and derelict, there’s vandalism and graffiti and empty flats, houses and a church too, very spooky I was there alone but it all added to the atmosphere of the place, I will be visiting this place again soon with a model and getting some more spooky shots so stay tuned.”

Somebody should check on the neighbors

There's nobody left

For more information, check out Gareth’s Flickr and Facebook.