Photographer Reveals The Dark Side of 100 Year Old Theme Park

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British photographer, Christopher Rimmer transformed a well-known 100 year old theme park in his adopted home town of Melbourne, Australia into a spooky, unsettling, yet beautiful vison with a series of large scale photographs which were exhibited at the Port Jackson Press Gallery in Melbourne this year.

The series, ‘Luna Park and the Dark Heart of St Kilda’ transforms the seaside icon from tourist hotspot, to a gaping mouth, poised to swallow us whole.  Underpinning the series is Rimmer’s experience of St Kilda.  For him, the once vibrant hub has morphed into something vacant and alien.  He recalls bankruptcy rumours surrounding the park and a book, Leonski – The Brown Out Murders which profiled notorious killer Edward Leonski.  Apparently, Loenski considered Luna Park a favourite haunt.

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