Photo Series Turns Trick or Treaters Into Trippy Nightmares

Ok, it’s a long way till Halloween, but we like to indulge in a little Seasonal spookiness year round.

UK photographer Wilson Hennessy created creepy kaleidoscope images of visiting Trick or Treaters on October 31st.

The artist explained how he designed the series of trippy images.

“The original inspiration was Trick or Treaters on my porch approaching my front door. I would view them, lit by my porch light above them, through the distorted glass of my front door. The idea evolved slightly to simplify the picture into a really graphic, colourful, image which intrigues and draws you in until you recognize the characters you are looking at. Each image is shot through a pane of Straight Reed Obscured Glass suspended above the masks.”

For more information, check out Wilson Hennessy’s website.

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