Photo Series Documenting Tokyo Rush Hour Looks Like A Terrifying Zombie Movie

Every day in Japan, the Odakyu Odawara Line carries one-and-a-half million people through Tokyo. Photographer Michael Wolf first became aware of the crowds in 1995, when he reported on the sarin gas attacks – an infamous gang attack on the country’s busiest subway system in which over 5000 people were injured. At the time of the attack,Wolf took several images capturing the fear of the public under attack in such crowded spaces.

Years later he returned to Tokyo to document the intense overcrowding of the transport systems – and the result is terrifying. The images he captured look like they come from the set of a zombie film, or in some cases – a morgue.

“These people are squeezed against the back walls as more and more people are shoveled in,” he told CNN. “You’re living life as a sardine — it’s horrific. This is not a dignified way of living. It’s like looking into a ride in hell.”.

The series is named Tokyo Compression. More information on the project can be found on the photographers website.

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