Philippe Mora to be Executive Producer of new Australian Indie Horror


Fractured Visions films have announced that legendary French/Australian film maker Philippe Mora is confirmed to be overseeing the production of independent slasher/Gothic hybrid film The Unhallowed, to be filmed in outback Western Australia. Philippe Mora is the internationally acclaimed director of such films as Mad Dog Morgan, The Beast Within, and Communion.

The Unhallowed is a proud hybrid of both Gothic and slasher, utilising the same aura of dread and realistic terror found in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and breeding it with the horror’s of Hammer studios and the gore of the splatter era. Fractured Visions are horror visionaries who forge Australian horror films for horror fans.

On a budget of $550, with a broken camera and no other equipment, the film started out as a promotional project. The purpose of this promotional film was to prove what this team was capable of doing on a next to nothing budget, and to show the potential of The Unhallowed story line for perspective investors. With a cast of amateur actors who had never stepped in front of the camera before, and the help of family and friends acting as crew or just generally helping out, through literally blood, sweat and tears the skeleton of The Unhallowed was born.

The films is the tragic story of the violent and bizarre fate suffered by five youths in the late 1960’s, who stumbled upon a nightmarish and macabre killing field hidden within outback Western Australia.

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